Glossy dresser for plastic

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Product description

The perfect solution to restore and polish the plastic parts of your car. Its formulation contains ultrafine waxes and polymers, necessaries to guarantee a depth cleaning.

It is indicated both for internal and external plastics, such as dashboards and bumpers.

Its immediate action releases a semi-lucid antistatic film, combined with a pleasant perfume.

How to use

It’s usually used in combination with Silky Double microfiber. Spray the product on the cloth and apply it on the interested surface using circular movements. Then, remove eventual residues using the opposite face of the microfiber. If a higher level of shine is desired, we suggest repeating the application using a greater amount of product.



Become a Master in Polishing with PAICAR: the PAICAR team will always be at your disposal with technical advice, guides and tutorial for the application and to help you and your customers.

PAICAR is the automotive polishing line studied, developed and manufactured in Italy by Pai Cristal Italia.
Pai Cristal Italia has been developing and producing polishing processes for high-level surface treatment, since 1965.

A company with a long history that today mainly consists of young highly-motivated people, able to bring new ideas and who believes in the product and process innovation as a means to better compete in the international market and proceed in the growth path of the company. Experience, dynamism, quality, specialization and innovation make us, all in all, what we are actually well-known for: “Master in Polishing”.
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